fLiPZiE™ is a family run business and we want everyone that uses our products to feel like they’re part of our fLiPZiE™ family! All kinds of people from all kinds of places are using and enjoying their own fLiPZiE™.

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The patented 2 in 1 fLiPZiE™ bottle or can insulated beverage drink holder is perfect for everyone!  It makes get-togethers better, and beverages stay cold whether enjoyed in a bottle or a can.

Its perfect for family get-togethers, cookouts, camping, days at the beach, boating, just hanging around a pool, watching a ballgame with friends, or tailgating events.

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The fLiPZiE™ line of products is growing, and we’re meeting people and demonstrating how a simple flip of your hand makes the fLiPZiE™ usable with most bottles and cans.  Check out our traveling calendar and see where we will be appearing each month.

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